Put Boredom to Work this Pandemic – Tips on How to Work in Japan as a Paid Intern in the Automotive Industry

Internship in Japan

We understand that COVID-19 has hit the entire world economy hard and it is human nature that we want to recover our losses. Since a lot of Filipinos are left jobless and are just spending most of their time on Social Media these days, enrolling in a 6-month life-changing program would be a very good decision to put boredom to work this pandemic.  You must find a way to prosper during this pandemic. You don’t only learn new language and skills; you are also given the chance to go to Japan to work as an intern with pay when border restrictions are lifted. Isn’t that good news to all?

Did you know that there’s a life-changing program in the University of Perpetual Help called Quick Automotive Service Training Program that has deployed over 409 interns in Japan for over 17 years? What makes this program life-changing is that these interns work in Japan for 3 years with allowance. This does not only make these interns globally competent but this program allowed them to be financially stable at the same time.

The Three Phases of the Program

The Quick Automotive Service training program is a 6-month course with three phases. Phase one (1) is a 200-hour Nihongo Course that prepares you to speak and read the Japanese language including learning the Japanese culture by heart in preparation for your OJT in Japan.

The second phase focuses on the Automotive Training modules and endurance which is about 300 hours of training. The automotive modules to be covered are as follows:

  • Auto Service Training Orientation and Overview
  • Introduction to Automotive System
  • Engine Maintenance and Servicing
  • Underchassis and Preventive Maintenance
  • Basic Wheel Managament and Tire Services
  • Auto Electrical and Electronic Services
  • Testing and Servicing Automotive Battery
  • Body Repair and Painting
  • Basic On-board Diagnostic Usage

The third and final phase is the most awaited On-the-Job-Training in Japan. This is certainly the fruit of your hard work. Please note that not everyone gets the chance to be in this phase. All students will undergo an interview called the Selection Process. Your skills will be tested, both Nihongo and Automotive. Once selected, you are entitled to all the trainee benefits.

Phase 1,2 and the selection process are currently done online due to the pandemic.

Trainee Benefits

Here are the top 5 benefits if you qualify as a trainee in this program. Since upon arrival in Japan, you will still undergo another set of training with your employer, you will be placed in an in-house training free of charge. After the in-house training, you will be deployed to your respective shops for the actual on-the-job-training.

  • Free Intensive Nihongo Language Training
  • 3 years internship in Japan*
  • Free airfare tickets*
  • Training allowance and free lodging for the first month*
  • Skills and Technology Transfer Benefit

*conditions apply

 What are the requirements?

Here are the trainee requirements for this program. ALS graduates are also welcome to apply. The program has already deployed ALS graduates in Japan, too!

  • 19-35 years old
  • Filipino
  • At least High School or ALS graduate
  • Birth certificate
  • Form 137 or TOR
  • Medical certificate and drug test (Physically and Mentally Fit)





-Hepa B Screening

-Drug Test

-HIV Test

  • Certificate of Good Moral Character/Barangay Clearance
  • Male/Female
  • Form 137 or TOR


How to enroll?

If you think you meet all of the requirements mentioned above, UPH has an online enrollment process for everyone’s convenience. Check the images below for the online and on-campus enrollment process.

online enrollment quick auto service training program

Trainee testimonials

If you are still not convinced of how good the program is, check the Youtube video below to hear more trainee testimonials and requirements of the program. 

Rather than waste your time feeling bad about your unproductive self on social media or Tiktok, take time to decide if you want a brighter future after this pandemic. This opportunity is knocking on your door now, and it’s up to you to take the first step to achieve your dreams. Avoid procrastination as it will only lead you nowhere. 

So, are you at least 19 years old and willing to undergo the intensive 6-month training online? Batch 37 is already open for enrollment and tentatively starts second week of April 2021.

Message us here to enroll.


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