Private and Exclusive Jet Plane Services Gaining Popularity among Elite Groups amid Corona Virus Outbreak

Since the proliferation of the corona virus which originated in Wuhan, China in December 2019, a lot of countries across the globe are tremendously affected by the outbreak in terms of decline in national population, public medical health and even in the economic standing of the affected nations. In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced that the corona virus outbreak is now a global pandemic.


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Many businesses are gravely affected by the spread of the corona virus. It has disrupted the economic balance, global trading and the stock market. These various businesses and commercial establishments worldwide have already suffered a vast decline in their sales and production. Some of them are even in the brink of temporary closure and recession. This resulted in retrenchment to cut off losses for some companies based in various countries all over the globe.


Two of the industries that are identified to suffer the most are the travel and tours industry and the airline business. Due to fears of getting infected by the virus, hundreds of thousands of people and even travel enthusiasts across the globe have restrained themselves from travelling or going to tourist sites to avoid crowded places.


With vast decline in the sales of the public airplanes, the services of private jet planes that are exclusive have become more popular among business executives and the elite groups that can afford said services.


According to Richard Zaher, chief operating officer of an American based private jet charter plane, a lot of people have inquired and expressed their interest to avail of their private jet plane services. He said that “We are seeing our regular private jet clients flying as they normally do. However, we have this surge of clients coming our way and the majority of them have never flown private.”


Reference: Private jet business booming as pandemic spreads and airlines tank


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