Preferential Treatment For Highly Skilled Professionals in Japan

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Known to many countries across the globe, Japan is dealing with a workforce setback in view of its aging population as a result of low birth rate and decline in inward migration. In this regard, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended its stringent immigration policies in order to encourage more and more foreign professionals to reside and work in their country.


One of the most significant changes introduced in the new immigration rule is the introduction of the Specified Skilled Worker Visa which does not require foreign applicants to be a university or college graduate provided that he or she has considerable knowledge and experience in the specific industry or field that he or she aspires to land a job in.


On the other hand, the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa is intended to entice highly skilled professionals to work in the Land of the Rising Sun by giving them preferential visa processing as well as residency benefits. These foreign nationals include scientists, engineers, lawyers and business executives.


Two years ago, there were about ten thousand seven hundred highly-skilled foreign professional visas issued. More than ninety percent of these visas were issued to foreign professionals in Asian countries. At present, the Japanese government is determined to increase the number of highly skilled professionals working and residing in Japan.


With the latest amendment in the immigration policies of Japan, it is more convenient for highly skilled foreign professionals to work and obtain residency status in Japan. Unlike other visa types, foreign professionals are allowed to engage in various activities and not only limited to the single purpose for which the visa was acquired.


The reason behind this preferential treatment is to encourage more foreign professionals to come and work in Japan. These professionals have advanced skills that will certainly boost the labor force in Japan by bringing innovation to Japanese firms and establishments.


Reference: Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional Visa for Japan: How and Why to Apply


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