Pool of Blood in Kyoto Attracts Adventure Seeking Tourists

Over the past years, the Land of the Rising Sun is considered as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations not only in Asia but across the globe. Majority of international tourists look forward to visit major cities and prefectures in Japan particularly its capital city, Tokyo as well as Kyoto, Osaka and Hokkaido.


Kyoto is known as the ancient capital of Japan and it is home to some of the country’s ancient temples, shrines and grand structures. Travel enthusiasts and globetrotters are interested to explore these awe inspiring establishments. Aside from sightseeing in these beautiful tourist attractions, foreigners are also looking forward to personally experience the country’s distinctive culture, try out the wide selection of delicious and iconic Japanese dishes as well as to appreciate the advanced innovations and modern technology in the country.


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Unknown to both local and international travellers, Kyoto has more to it than historical shrines and temples, there are also a number of unique tourist spots that people will definitely enjoy. Kinkakuji which is known in English as the Golden Pavilion is the most sought after tourist attraction in Kyoto due to its picturesque scenery and rich historical value.


However, aside from the Golden Pavilion, a number of interesting places in Kyoto are also slowly gaining popularity as a tourist destination due to their unique features and activities that are truly worth visiting. For instance, travellers who are into horror stories and adventures might want to check out the so called Pool of Blood in Kyoto which is known to be haunted.


The Pool of Blood is situated in Kita Saga District which is in the Ukyo Ward of Kyoto. Some old stories say that the said pool was filled with the blood of the samurai during the war. As such, some people say that it is now haunted by the spirit of those samurai. However, the calm and serene semi rural ambience attracts both local and foreign tourists who want to relax and enjoy their trip to Japan.


Reference: Visiting Kyoto’s Pool of Blood — A ghost-hunting alternative to the city’s temples and shrines


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