Policies Enacted to Strengthen Security Inspection in Train Stations during Olympic Games

As the days before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games are getting closer and closer, the Japanese government in coordination with the organizing committee of the Olympic games are now preoccupied in their preparations in order to ensure the safety of the public and the smooth flow of the events during the course of the much anticipated international sports event.


In view of the Olympic and Paralympic preparations, various transportation companies in Japan have also expressed their commitment to undertake strict security inspections and measures to make sure that there will be no untoward events that will hamper the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic games which will be held across different cities and prefectures in Japan.


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Various train stations and a number of bus companies in Tokyo will be conducting the stringent anti terrorism inspections by utilizing sniffer dogs and modern body scanners. On the other hand, the Japanese transport ministry seeks to enact a law that will not allow passengers from getting on board a train if they do not submit themselves to the routine baggage inspections. These inspections will be done in a random manner and it is not announced which train station will participate in the baggage inspection.


Major railway companies such as the East Japan Railway Co and Central Japan Railway Co will have already committed to provide sniffer dogs in different hubs including the Tokyo Station during the Olympics and Paralympics. Meanwhile, specific detection systems to identify dangerous items will be installed in every ticket gates in some of the subway stations all over the country.


Personal belongings of both local and foreign tourists at a number of train stations in Japan will be conducted starting with the station near the Narita International Airport. Despite the objections of some railway companies, some firms have already permitted the implementation of policies that allow inspection of dangerous objects and the system to prohibit the entry of passengers in case they refuse to be inspected.


Reference: Stations in Tokyo to conduct security inspections during Olympics


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