Pokemon Inspired Decorative Manholes to be Installed In Hokkaido

The Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as the animation capital of the world. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of anime fanatics and travel enthusiasts aspire to come to Japan not only to enjoy the beautiful tourist attractions in the country, try out the wide selection of delicious Japanese dishes and experience its unique culture and tradition, but also to check out the popular animation series and iconic anime characters that Japan is known for.


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One of the most popular animation franchise that gained tremendous popularity not only in Asia but all over the world is the Pokemon or the Pocket Monster. The Pokemon series is definitely well loved and sought after by anime fans.


From time to time, the Pokemon company would continue the hype by releasing an updated list of new pocket monsters, games and anime in order to stimulate the interest of anime enthusiasts who are very excited to complete their collection of characters in their Pokedex.


In the actual world, kawaii lovers, otakus and anime fanatics who are fond of the Pokemon franchise also coined various Pokemon related vocabulary words. One of the most remarkable of these terms is “Pokefuta” which means decorative manholes that features cute Pokemon species that pose at local landmarks.


These so-called Pokefutas can be readily seen in popular prefectures such as Kanagawa, Kagoshima, Iwate, Miyagi and of course, Kagawa prefecture which is known to have named a Pokemon character as is governor. Recently, the concept of Pokefuta is also introduced to the northern area of Japan which is the Hokkaido Island.


The latest Pokefuta features Vulpix which is a Fire type Pokemon that looks like a fox. Vulpix has two versions, the standard one and the Alola which is a region based on tropical Hawaii. Since Hokkaido is relatively colder compared to the other areas in Japan, a tropical version of Vulpix may seem odd. But the pure white fur of Vulpix’sAlola version complements the winter landscape of Hokkaido.


Reference: Brand-new Pokemon manhole covers coming to Hokkaido


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