Pokemon-Inspired Bubble Tea to Beat the Summer Heat in Japan

Japan is known worldwide as home to the most iconic manga characters and animation series. Anime enthusiasts from different parts of the globe are looking forward to visit the Land of the Rising Sun to personally witness their favorite anime characters come to life. Among the most well loved anime series is the Pokemon. These cute pocket monsters gained tremendous popularity not only in Japan but also on a universal scale.


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Most, if not all international tourists who have been to Japan must have probably noticed the prevalence of the “Kawaii” culture in the country. Japanese people are very fond of cute, adorable and visually appealing items and merchandises. In fact, Japan’s culture of cuteness is becoming contagious. Their love for fancy things is spreading not only among the locals but also for foreign tourists as well.


In view of the country’s “Kawaii” culture and the global success of the Pocket Monsters or Pokemon, more and more shops and establishments in Japan have incorporated these cute characters in their products such as but not limited to Pokemon Sleep games, Uniqulo Pikachu T-shirts, mugs, collectibles and the like.


With the upcoming summer season in Japan, the Pokemon Company intends to launch a new and one of a kind Pokemon-inspired bubble tea that would definitely stimulate the interest of both locals and foreign tourists in the country. This summer collection is referred to as “Pokemon Meets Sweet Dynasty Hong Kong Bubble Tea Drink Bar”. It has a wide line up of cute Pokemon characters including Eevee, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Mew, among others.


Aside from the aesthetically fascinating designs, the Pokemon bubble tea has a delicious and distinctive taste with the shop’s flavorful ingredients like roasted tea, fruity smoothies and sparkling soda. They will surely be the perfect drink in order to beat the summer heat. These bubble teas will be made available from July 17 up to the last week of September at all Sweet Dynasty Branches across Japan.


Reference: Official Pokemon bubble teas coming to Japan


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