Pokemon Go Developer Aspires to take Mobile Games to the Next Level

The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most well loved animation series and iconic characters popularized by various manga or Japanese comics. Hundreds of thousands of anime lovers and game enthusiasts from different parts of the globe look forward to visiting the country in order to personally check out their favorite animes and characters.


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This phenomenon also led to the so-called kawaii culture in Japan which recognizes people’s fascination over all things and merchandises that are adorable. Most of these stuffs are derived from popular animation series and comics. Such trend has prompted many game makers not only across Japan but all over the world to produce mobile games that showcase or feature some well known anime series.


One of the most remarkable animation series that gained tremendous popularity not only in Asia but also on a universal scale is the Pocket Monster which came to be known as the Pokemon. In this regard, a lot of Pokemon inspired shops and cafés proliferated in Japan. Due to its overwhelming impact, a mainstream movie about Pokemons was recently released worldwide. Also, the mobile game “Pokemon Go” has still retained quite a number of users from different parts of the globe.


In fact, Niantic, the “Pokemon Go” maker has decided to expand and open its door for external developers to build novel titles to its popular list of mobile games. Niantic aspires to take realistic world maps to the next level in order to provide additional destinations in games like the Pokemon Go gyms where virtual battles usually take place.


According to John Hanke , the founder and chief executive officer of Niantic, “We think there are adventures everywhere waiting to be discovered” Niantic, in collaboration with Nintendo, an established Japanese company, aspires to develop more games using smart phones with advanced GPS capabilities wherein people may submit some places that may potentially stimulate the interest of the public.


Reference: ‘Pokemon Go’ maker Niantic making a game of the world


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