Photogenic Japanese Soufflé Pancakes are in Demand

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Food and travel enthusiasts across the globe would definitely agree that the Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most popular delicacies. Among these mouth-watering, delectable and instagram-worthy treats are the soufflé pancakes. They are stunningly thick but light and fluffy on the inside. In order to produce this amazing textural characteristic, Japanese soufflé pancake shops use whipped egg white while some utilize a special mascarpone or ricotta cheese in the batter.


Posting pictures of these unique, delicious and photogenic pancakes in social media has become an online trend not only in Japan but also in other countries worldwide such as in London, Los Angeles and New York City, among others. Eventually, the soufflé pancakes came to be known as among the most popular and trendy desserts in the world. Both locals and foreign tourists in Japan are thus eager to know which pancake restaurants serve the fluffiest soufflé pancake in the country to satisfy their sweet cravings.


The most popular pancake restaurant chain in Japan is called Flippers. It gained popularity for its tender, fresh and distinctly fluffy soufflé pancakes. Some have regarded their delectable dessert as “miracle” pancakes. The restaurant serves them with seasonal toppings. This unique and amazing combination continues to fascinate the customers as they want to see how the super light pancakes can be mixed with a variety of flavours without comprising its texture. Flippers would often combine its soufflé pancake and yummy toppings using some traditional Japanese flavors such as but not limited to the kinako and Uji matcha pancakes.


With the increasing popularity of soufflé pancakes in Japan, more and more branches of Flippers can be found in the country particularly in its capital city, Tokyo in order to readily cater to the sweet tastes of both Japanese customers and international tourists.



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