Photogenic Halloween Inspired Desserts Made Available at Japanese Cafes

Year in and year out, a number of globetrotters and food enthusiasts come to visit the Land of the Rising Sun in order to personally experience the country’s unique culture, try out its iconic dishes and be amazed by its sightseeing spots Since the Halloween season is fast approaching, various food shops, cafes and restaurants in Japan are living up to the theme.


These food related establishments serve a wide array of main dishes, drinks as well as local delicacies such as desserts and other sweets with colors that are consistent with the Halloween theme. Restaurant and café goers are looking forward to take photos of their orders so that they can post them on social networking sites such as Facebook and instagram, among others.


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Thus, it is very important for cafes and restaurants to serve not only delicious dishes and dessert choices but also photogenic food items which their customers would gladly post online. For instance, Floresta has been known for its Melody and Kuromi inspired donuts while Kawaii Monster Café offers special desserts in their special Halloween menu.


Another artistic and visually appealing sweet treat is the well loved Halloween soft serve ice cream which is served by Gelato Pique Café, a popular dessert shop in Japan. Their unique ice cream items are only available to the customers until the 30 th day of October. This artsy and uniquely prepared sweet treat contains a black soft serve ice cream that has the distinctive colors of a Japanese cedar ash.


In addition, the dessert is decorated with yummy cookie sticks, a cocoa and cream sandwich cookie. On top of all those delectable ingredients, customers also like the monaka Japanese filled wafer type sweet. To give a purple hue, the shop also sprinkles the black soft serve ice cream with Japanese beni imo purple yam that is powdered for said purpose.


Reference: Gelato Pique Cafe serves up Instagenic black and purple Halloween ice cream cones


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