Phantom Cheesecake Gained Tremendous Popularity Across Japan

One of the many reasons why tourists love to visit the Land of the Rising Sun is to try out their uniquely delicious cuisines and desserts. Year and year out, hundreds of thousands of tourists are interested in visiting the country not only to go sightseeing in its beautiful tourist destinations, experience its unique culture and be amazed by its high end technology, but also to check out the latest distinctive delicacy in Japan.


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Currently, both local and foreign food enthusiasts and globetrotters have shown so much interest in Japanese style cheese cakes. These mouth watering goodies are truly flavourful, light and fluffy at the same time. One of the cheese cake variants that gained tremendous popularity not only across Japan but also on a universal scale is the so called “Phantom Cheesecake“.


This popular cheese cake was first produced and popularized by the Japanese dessert restaurant Criollo, under the guidance and supervision of patissier Antoine Santos. The Phantom Cheesecake has become so famous among foodies to the point that over two thousand of these sweet cakes were sold in about ten minutes only.


It is definitely a must try delectable in Japan. For those who are interested to try out the Phantom Cheese Cake, they make purchase one through Criollo’s online store in which the retail price is about 1,400 yen, or personally go to Criollo’s two branches in Tokyo, namely Nakameguro and or the Kobe branch in Hyogo Prefecture.


The Phantom Cheesecake is definitely a top seller that is highly recommended by both Japanese and foreign dessert lovers. Some tourists even buy these cheese cakes as souvenirs since it may still be consumed within five days from purchase.


Its shape is visually appealing and unique with cube shaped cakes with visible air pockets surrounded the edges of the dessert so as to make it look like a fine, tender and fluffy soufflé. After being featured on TV, it became even more popular in Japan.


Reference: Phantom Cheesecake: A sweet so popular 2,000 sold in 10 minutes


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