Peaceful and Relaxing Hot Spring Resort in Akita Allows Mixed Gender Bathing

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The Land of the Rising Sun is now considered as one of the top tourist destinations not only in Asia but all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts and globetrotters come to visit the country year in and year out in order to explore its awe inspiring sightseeing spots, experience Japan’s unique culture and traditional, try out its iconic dishes and also to personally witness the so-called Japanese technological advancements known for their excellent quality and distinctive innovations.


While majority of the tourists flock to the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, there are also others who are interested to look for a relaxing and calm place of solitude where they can both enjoy and relax their mind away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For these travellers, the most ideal place to go to is Kuroyo Onsen, the serene hot spring resort located in the mountainous areas of north Japan.


Kuroyo Onsen is particularly situated in a remote area in Akita Prefecture that rests above Lake Tazawa. It is one of the seven peaceful hot springs collectively known as Nyuto Onsen, a major attraction in the Akita area. These well loved hot springs have started their operations since the Edo Period in Japan up to present. It is popular not only among locals but also foreign tourists for their natural relaxing waters.

In addition, the Kuruyo Onsen is also known to allow mixed gender and open air bathing or kon yoku rotenburo. Usually, hot spring resorts in Japan are separated in accordance with the customer’s gender. Mixed gender onsens are preferred by grandmothers and grandfathers in the rural areas. But international visitors who visit the onsen as a family or as couples are also looking forward to try out and experience the peaceful gender neutral Kuruyo Onsen bath.


Reference: Kuroyu Onsen: Ultimate peace of mind plus mixed-gender bathing


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