Panasonic Launches “Sports x Manga” Exhibit to Promote 2020 Tokyo Olympics

As early as this year,hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts and Olympic games fanatics from different parts of the globe are already looking forward to witness the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. To further boost the hype for the said multi national sports event, various Japanese firms and business establishments are willing to invest in promotions and advertising schemes to stimulate the interest of both local and international spectators.


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One of the most popular sponsors during the Olympic games in Tokyo is the well established electronics maker, Panasonic Corp. The company confirmed that it seeks to launch an exhibition that will showcase more than a hundred sports manga or comic using the most innovative and advanced pioneer technology that aims to provide an interactional encounter on the part of exhibit goers.


The visitors will be given the opportunity to participate in a role playing game in which they may take the place of their favorite sports personality in the form of manga or comic-based characters such as but not limited to the popular legenday soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa,” boxing manga “Ashita no Joe” and cycling saga “Yowamushi Pedal.”


Entitled “Sports x Manga,” the exhibit is composed of seven different themes that features the history of Japanese society intermingled with sports manga as well as the testimonies of famous Japanese Olympic athletes. Satoshi Takeyasu, a Panasonic Executive Officer expressed that “This is an exhibition through which you can feel and experience the fascination of sports through a familiar Japanese culture – manga.”


According to Tokyo Governor, Yuriko Koike during the opening ceremony of the exhibit “I truly hope that by experiencing this (exhibition), the excitement for the Tokyo 2020 Games will continue to grow.” The said event will be held at the Panasonic Center in Odaiba waterfront area from 10 am to 6 pm from July till September 29, 2019. It is open to both locals and foreign tourists for free. Panasonic Corp. aspires to welcome more than five thousand exhibit goers during the course of the event. The organizers hope to attract anime and manga enthusiasts as well as international travellers.


Reference: Exhibit combining sports manga, technology starts ahead of Olympics


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