P-Go Izakaya: a Special Bar for Pokemon GO Fanatics

Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of anime enthusiasts and globetrotters around the world have included Japan in their bucket list of must visit countries. The Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as home to numerous animation television series, fiction characters and high tech video games that gained tremendous popularity on a universal scale. One of the most iconic and well loved animation franchise worldwide is the Pokemon series which is otherwise known as Pocket monsters.


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With the monumental success of Pokemon not only in Japan but also in many countries across the globe, the Pokemon Company became motivated to develop more video game softwares, card games and animation series featuring the Pocket Monsters. In 2016, the Company introduced a new augmented reality mobile game which they called “Pokemon Go.” The mobile game became a huge hit among anime lovers and game enthusiasts. It makes use of GPS in order to find the location of virtual Pokemons for the player to capture, train and battle. People are drawn to the Pokemon Go game because the Pokemons appear as if they are in the gamer’s actual location in the real world.


A few years after the successful launching of “Pokemon Go”, the mobile game gained numerous die hard fanatics consist of both local and international game enthusiasts in Japan. The growing number of Pokemon Go lovers and fans prompted the establishment of the P-GO Izakaya Genkinokakera which is a unique and special kind of bar that serves as an avenue for Pokemon trainers to meet over drinks in order to trade their pocket monsters, share virtual gifts and even join Pokemon battle tournaments. The Izakaya also offers a wide selection of food and provides a one of a kind gastronomic experience.


The P-GO Izakaya Genkinokakera opened its doors to both local and international tourists last April 2019. It is located just a walking distance from Edogawabashi Station on the Yurakucho Line in Tokyo.



New bar catering to Pokemon GO players who want to make friends opens in Tokyo

Pokémon Go


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