Owndays to Launch Gundam Inspired Eyeglasses for its 40 th Anniversary

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Japan is considered home to the world’s most well loved animation series and iconic characters popularized by classic manga or Japanese comics. Hundreds of thousands of anime lovers and comic enthusiasts from different parts of the globe look forward to visiting the Land of the Rising Sun in order to check out their favorite animes and characters.


One of the oldest and longest running anime series in Japan is the Gundam animation. Due to its tremendous popularity not only across Japan but on a universal scale, it has already been well engrained in the Japanese culture. The said phenomenon has prompted a number of business owners and commercial firms to manufacture, develop and publicly circulate Gundam inspired merchandises, toys, comics and mobile games.


In fact, a gigantic and larger than life sized Gundam statue was constructed in one of the busy areas of Tokyo. The Gundam statue has attracted even more local and foreign tourists and anime fanatics in the capital city. This year, the remarkable “Mobile Suit Gundam” is celebrating its 40 th anniversary. In commemoration of this milestone, it is expected that commercial firms and businesses will be inspired to produce more Gundam themed products regarded as limited edition for 2019. For instance, there are already Gundam suit designs on coffee cans and mobile suit themed eyeglasses.


The popular Japanese eyeglass store known as Owndays will be launching a new eyewear collection which they called “Collab Glasses ~Gundam x Owndays Wear the Gundam~” The designs of these eye glasses will be patterned after Gundam mobiles suits as reflected in four different styles such as the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Char’s Zaku, regular Zaku, and Dom.

The glass frames will utilize special stainless steel that is said to have an excellent quality but with a light weight with a stylish matte hue and the lenses are polarized in order to prevent eye damage due to sun glare. Each of the variation comes with snap on sunglasses to allow for more flexibility.


Reference: 40th anniversary ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ eyeglasses are both stylish and nerdy


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