Overseas Workers in Japan Should be Equipped with Japanese Language Proficiency

One of the issues that the Land of the Rising Sun has to deal with in recent years is its shrinking population as a result of low birth weight and declining inward migration. This resulted in a consistent increase in the number of senior citizens in the country and consequently an apparent labor shortage in various business sectors and industries.


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In order to address this prevalent social concern, the Japanese government enacted a revised immigration law that seeks to relax its rules and regulations particularly those involving foreign nationals with designated skills in the fourteen identified sectors in the country such as but not limited to food and service industry, nursing and construction.


With the passage of this new immigration system, Japan aspires to attract more and more overseas workers in their firms and industries. Since the government has opened wider doors of employment opportunities in favor of foreigners seeking for jobs in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is vital for these aspiring workers to be equipped with Japanese language skills to efficiently perform their work as well as integrate in the society.


It is incumbent upon every overseas worker or foreign immigrant in the country to speak the Japanese language well. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 certification (N2) is basically the standard level that they should meet to be able to communicate effectively and assimilate themselves in Japanese working environment.


According to Casey Wahl, CEO of Wahl and Case, “More firms are getting comfortable hiring foreigners, but they don’t have too much tolerance for lower level Japanese and for those not willing to conform to the standing corporate culture. (N2) should open most doors and get you in for an interview. Then it will be up to your speaking communication skills (usually prioritized over written) to pass the language requirements.”


Reference: How much Japanese-language skill do you need to work in Japan?


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