Overcoming Homesickness While Working in Tokyo

The Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations worldwide .Year in and year out, Japan attracts hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and travel enthusiasts from different countries abroad. A number of foreign sojourners come to visit the country in order to enjoy its awe inspiring tourist attractions try out a wide selection of iconic Japanese cuisines and personally experience Japan’s unique and distinctive culture.


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However, working in Japan is not always that exciting and full of fun. It can be lonely especially for foreign nationals, who are employed in Japanese companies which are known to be very strict when it comes to attendance and quality of performance at work. When it comes to office standards and ethics, the Japanese are stereotyped to be very industrious and hardworking. This makes it difficult for employees to strike a balance between work and personal life.


Recently, with the amendment of the Japanese immigration laws that aim to open various doors of opportunities for foreign nationals who are seeking for employment abroad, there are more and more foreign workers in the country. This government policy seeks to attract more professionals and skilled workers from different countries worldwide in order to address the labor crunch in Japan particularly in fourteen identified sectors which suffer the worst labor setback.


One of the issues that also have to be taken into consideration in hiring foreign workers in Japan is work distress as a result of extreme loneliness. It has already been considered as a public health problem not only in Japan but in many foreign countries.


As a way to cope with loneliness and distress, it is very important to create a friendly environment at work and develop a network among colleagues outside of the office. In Japan, particularly in Tokyo, there are a lot of avenues to enjoy and have fun especially as a group. It is important not to miss out on the fun while accomplishing your task at work.


Reference: Alone in Tokyo: 5 tips to get through the solo foreigner blues


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