Osaka Welcomes a Brand New Pokemon Cafe and Megastore

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The Land of the Rising Sun is widely regarded across the globe as home to some of the most iconic animation series and characters worldwide. Every season, hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts come to visit Japan to go sightseeing, experience the country’s distinctive culture and try out some of the most delicious Japanese cuisines. These are just a few of the many reasons for travelling to the country.


Anime lovers from different parts of the world have definitely included Japan among their bucket list of must visit places. Among the most well loved animations that gained tremendous popularity is the Pokemon series which is also known as Pocket Monsters.


Due to the massive success of Pokemon not only in Japan but also on a universal scale, there is now a proliferation of Pokemon-inspired merchandise stores, establishments and cafes in major cities and tourist spots in Japan. These so-called Pokemon cafes are also sought after by anime enthusiasts as much as the animation itself.


The first ever Pokemon cafe was launched in the capital city of Japan last 2018. It is located right next to Tokyo’s Pokemon Center megastore. Since the cafe was launched, it was able to attract numerous locals and foreign tourists, alike. Anime and Pokemon enthusiasts are captivated by the cafe’s appealing ambience with a wide selection of Pokemon themed dishes and special menus.


This coming September 20, 2019, the Pokemon cafe seeks to open a brand new branch in Osaka, the second largest metropolitan in Japan. The said Pokemon Cafe will be situated in Shinsaibashi which is one of the biggest shopping centers in Osaka. It will also be coupled with the establishment of an advanced Pokemon Center DX megastore.


The new Pokemon Center DX megastore aims to provide a one of a kind experience especially for anime fanatics. Visitors and cafe goers will surely be amazed and fascinated as soon as they enter the megastore which will be decorated with three life-size figures of legendary bird Pokemons such as Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.


Reference: Long awaited Pokemon Cafe to open in Osaka on Sept 20


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