One of a Kind Electronic Sports Facility Opened in Osaka

The Land of the Rising Sun is known for its popular animation series, iconic cartoon characters and advanced online or electronic games. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of tourists and game enthusiasts look forward to come and visit Japan not only to go sightseeing, experience its unique and distinctive culture, try out its wide selection of delicious Japanese dishes but also to check out and participate in some of the country’s widely known games.


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In recent times, electronic sports are gaining tremendous popularity not only in Asia and Japan but all over the globe. E-sports facilities conducting various multi national events participated by gamers from different countries worldwide are becoming more and more well known these days. These esports events serve as avenues for game lovers to meet up and share their common interests on different kinds of electronic sports.


This March 2020, one of the largest electronic sports facility across the globe recently opened in the prefecture of Osaka. Said e sports facility seeks to attract two hundred thousand tourists and esports enthusiasts, both locals and foreigners alike every year.


The electronic sports facility is known as Redee World which is situated in a four thousand eight hundred square meter commercial area in Osaka Prefecture particularly in Suita. It showcases a huge screen display that has a width of forty meters and a length of eight meters. It is intended to be used during major events that can be participated in by professional electronic sports players from different parts of the globe.


The esports facility is not only built for electronic sports players or game enthusiasts but is also a perfect place for parents to bring their kids who are very much interested to explore the world of games. Redee World has a one of a kidn simulation system that will enable children to play the role of commentators or popular YouTubers.


The entrance fee is two thousand yen for high school students and adulted. Meanwhile, there is a special rate for elementary and junior high school  students at one thousand five hundred yen.


Reference: Japan’s largest esports facility opens in Osaka


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