Olympic Marathon Venue to be Transferred in Sapporo to Avoid Summer Heat

Less than a year before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games, hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts and tourists are looking forward to come to Japan in order to witness the international sports event. Both participants and spectators anticipate the exciting and eventful Olympic tournaments which will be held across Japan.


The Japanese government is currently preoccupied in its preparations in order to ensure public safety, traffic control and the smooth flow of the events during the course of the Olympics. Both the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Organizing Committee in Japan are likewise working together towards a successful Olympics and Paralympic games.


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One of the factors that they have to take into consideration in order to ensure a smooth event both for participants and spectators is the climate and weather of the region wherein the specific games will be held. For instance, the marathon and race walking events require a comfortable temperature for the Olympic sports athletes.


In this regard, the International Olympic Committee in coordination with the Tokyo Organising Committee planned to transfer the marathon and walking events from the capital city Tokyo to Sapporo during the 2020 Games. The average temperature in Sapporo is around five to six degrees Celsius and it is even a lot cooler during the day at that time of the year.


Based on Kyodo News report, Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee president has already conformed to transfer the marathon venue to Sapporo. To serve as countermeasure to protect participants, athletes and spectators, the Olympic and Paralympic venues will be adjusted to avoid the summer heat throughout the country during the latter part of July to early September period. Aside from the change of venue, the schedule is also moved to an earlier time from 7:00 am to 6:00 am to make sure that the athletes are more comfortable to participate in the events.


Reference: IOC planning to move Tokyo Olympic marathon north to Sapporo in bid to avoid heat


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