Oh hello there Mt. Fuji! (Travel tips for first time Japan travelers!)

Everybody’s wishing for a clear cloudless sky in order to see the breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji!


It was the 28th of April and the sun is shining with absolute clear skies. We had purchased our Mt. Fuji passes ahead of time using Klook and our bus tickets online too. Almost everything is available online so for first time Japan travelers like us, it was never a struggle.


Here are some quick budget-friendly  Mt. Fuji sightseeing tips that you can use if you are planning to visit Fuji-san.


1. Is it necessary to get a Mt. Fuji day pass?

1-day Mt Fuji Pass


For first-time travellers, I would suggest that getting a 1-day pass since it is more convenient because it already includes unli bus rides around the Mt. Fuji area. However, the downside is that you cannot visit all the places surrounding Mt. Fuji in just one day so it’s not really that economical but convenience-wise, it is worth the price. If you have extra budget then you can stay in Inns or hotels within the area and secure a 2-day pass instead. But if your time and budget are limited, you can get a 1-day pass and just budget your time properly.


Your 1-day pass entitles you to unlimited bus rides around Mt. Fuji plus 1 free ride of your choice in Fuji-Q. You can also take the ropeway for free to experience the most panoramic view of Mt. Fuji. Here’s the link to the Klook Mt. Fuji pass, you can choose from 1,2,3 days pass: https://www.klook.com/activity/7719-mt-fuji-pass-tokyo/?krt=s21&krid=e4d27e89-8ef1-47de-4da6-f93172e7f804


What are the inclusions? (got this info from Klook)

  • Get free admission to amusement parks, museums, cableways and more with just one pass
  • Hop on and off local buses and trains that operate in the Tamanashi and Shizuoka areas
  • Visit popular sightseeing spots like Fuji-Q Highland and the Kawaguchiko Excursion Ship “En Soleil”
  • Choose a 1, 2, or 3 day pass based on your travel needs
  • Get extra discounts to 12 additional facilities – simply show your Mt. Fuji Pass!


How much is the 1-day pass?

The Mt. Fuji pass is at ₱ 2,539 if you purchase it in Klook.

Where to claim the passes?

We redeemed ours in Kawaguchiko Station. Go inside the station and proceed to the Concierge Desk and show your voucher to the staff. They will then issue you the Mt. Fuji pass with guide maps.

Redemption Booth at Kawaguchiko Station


2. How to get to Mt. Fuji

First things first – get a bus ticket online. Secure your round trip bus tickets online ASAP. Good thing we got our tickets secured online days before our Japan trip since we were scheduled to visit Mt. Fuji during the Golden week and the volume of passengers is extremely high. One of our companions was not able to get his ticket online so he only had 2 options that time, take the next bus or take the train (which is very expensive!). He didn’t have any choice but to wait for the next bus though (as a chance passenger!). So it’s very important to secure your bus tickets in advance.


FYI – the bus station is just right across Shinjuku station. It’s very easy to locate and remember. To avoid getting lost in Japan, always refer to information counters found in every corner of the stations. Locals are very accommodating even if they find it hard to speak English. They always make an effort to help!

Shinjuku Bus Station


Since we were staying in Asakusabashi, we departed from Shinjuku going to Kawaguchiko Station. Usual travel time is approximately an hour and 45 minutes but since it was a holiday that time, it took us more than two hours to reach our destination because of the traffic congestion.

One of the Gates in Shinjuku Bus Station


The rates (one-way) are as follows: https://highway-buses.jp/course/kawaguchiko.php

Adults 2,900JPY (Approx. PHP 1,370)

Children 1,450JPY (Approx. PHP 685)

3. Best places to take the most picturesque view of Mt Fuji 

  • Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko

  • Mount Tenjo (via Ropeway/Kachi Kachi hanging cable lines located on the bank of Kawaguchiko lake up to 1000 meters above sea level)Flock of tourists during the Golden WeekView at the Top of Mount Tenjo via the RopewayKachi Kachi hanging cable lines
  • Fuji Q Highlands/Chureito Pagoda (we were not able to visit due to time constraints, we waited so long for the Ropeway 🙁 )

Fuji Q Highlands

4.  Where to eat?

There are a lot of restaurants and convenience stores around Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko station 🙂

Fresh picks – strawberry at 100 yen


To wrap up, we were so happy with our Mt. Fuji day tour experience. It was a good decision to take the earliest bus that day at 7AM because the sky was clearer until 3PM. However, since it was a holiday and there was an overwhelming number of tourists, we didn’t have enough time to go around since we waited so long for the Ropeway and our bus trip going home was at 7PM. But we did not regret taking the Kachi Kachi hanging cable, it was all worth the long wait!


I’m looking forward to visiting Mt. Fuji again and this time, I won’t miss Fuji Q Highlands and Chureito Pagoda for sure!




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