Obachan Idol Group Uploaded Funny Rap Video for the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit

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Japan is definitely excited for this year’s upcoming Group of Twenty (G20) summit which is set to be held in Osaka, the second largest metropolitan in the country on June 28 to 29, 2018. It is the first ever international leadership summit to be conducted in the Land of the Rising Sun. It will be participated in by prominent figures and leaders such as presidents, prime ministers and crown prince from different parts of the globe.


The so-called 2019 G20 Osaka Summit seeks to attract a crowd of over thirty thousand people during the two-day event at the International Exhibition Center in Osaka. In view of the much anticipated multi-national occasion, the local government has undertaken several measures to ensure public safety and security as well as to minimize traffic congestion in the course of the summit.


Aside from safety measures to be implemented by the government, there are also other interesting activities prepared by various groups in Osaka as their way of welcoming the delegates during the summit and with the intention of leaving a very good impression on the these esteemed international guests. Among those that aim to entertain the participants is the Osaka-based idol group consists of older women whose average age is around 66. In Japanese, an older woman is referred to as obachan.


The group uploaded a rap music video on Youtube which is entitled “Oba Funk Osaka.” The video features the talented obachan while singing and dancing in Osaka. They wanted to show to the delegates that they are one of the funniest people worldwide. Obachans in Osaka are specifically known across the country for being extra friendly, noisy and loquacious.


According to Eiko Funia, one of the members of the idol group who is now 71 years old, “We hope that people all over the world get energized after watching the video.”



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