North Korea to launch a parade just before the Olympics

North Korea may be preparing to hold another military parade on the eve of the winter Olympics in South Korea next month. This is despite the fact that both North and South Korea are attempting to put petty differences aside to participate.


The North’s constant development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles has spurred more sanctions and talk of possible military strikes by the U. S. have increased accordingly.


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The parade in question, after being spotted by spy satellites, appears to involve 28 formations of infantry and military personnel and a military band. Some military vehicles were spotted. A display of military might by North Korea could easily damage the fragile armistice.


North Korea also hasn’t responded to the South’s proposal to send 12 members of their own delegation to the other side of the border to inspect preparations for a cultural event at the Diamond Mountain and a training session between non-Olympic skiers at the Masik ski resort.


It was supposed to be led by the art troupe’s leader Hyon Song Wol. She also heads the hugely popular girl band Moranbong that’s personally picked by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un himself.


The two Koreas agreed that a special art troupe, will perform twice in South Korea during the games as a sign of warming the ties between the two nations.


The reconciliation mood between the Koreas began after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in a New Year’s speech that he was willing to send a delegation to the Olympics.


South Korea hopes to use the games to improve relations with its rival after a year of animosity over North Korea’s rapidly expanding nuclear program.


Some experts even view this prelude as an attempt to weaken the sanctions against them and buy time to further advance their nuclear weapons program.


Reference: North Korea may hold military parade on eve of Olympics, analysts say


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