North Korea and the investment pool

100 specialists in finance and other respected fields convened at an invitation-only club somewhere in Singapore to discuss the U.S.-North Korean summit held in the city-state last June 12.


One of the specialists said the real fruit bearer of the summit was simply that Kim Jong Un experience a very lavish lifestyle far superior than what he’d had in his country and if he’d have good ties with the U.S., he could improve the lives of his people.


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Many critics have rejected the summit between long time historical enemies, North Korea and America, as a failure. They claim that denuclearization of the North remains uncertain and that steps were not taken to guarantee it’s operation. The crossroads of the summit was to disarm the North of it’s nukes and no word was told of disarmament.


A world famous investor who lives in the nation state of Singapore appeared on TV following the US-NoKor summit and said that the instant North Korea opens its borders to investors for around the world, he’d be one of the first to hop in and invest in the country.


So far and as far as things are progressing between the two nations, Korean Air Lines is his only alternative. He forecasts that South Korea’s flag carrier will benefit significantly if the North and South keep the promise of peace between each other and not break it.


SGI Frontier Capital is one of those who lobbied Jared Kushner to make the summit happen.


SGI is renowned for its ability to make investments in developing markets, something it affectionately calls “frontier markets” They are higher-risk but also higher-return investments.


North and South Korea keep the peace, infrastructure demand would equate to $2 to $3 trillion over the next decade. A lot of potential investments for investors in an untapped and virgin marketplace.


Reference: North Korea intrigues potential investors


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