North Korea and Denuclearization

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Former U.S. President, Barrack Obama, noted that past efforts on Iran’s nuclear weapons were more successful than with North Korea because there was more economic leverage.


The former U.S. President said recently that negotiations with North Korea on its nuclear weapons program are difficult. One reason is because the country’s isolationist policy minimizes leverage. These include trade and travel sanctions against Pyongyang.


He stressed that the effort to force North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons program remains difficult. He also stated that if countries worked together, including China as well as South Korea and Japan, to combine pressure on North Korea, there will be better collaboration between nations and force Pyongyang to put down and dismantle it’s nuclear weapons program.


Obama spoke at an event sponsored by a Japanese non-profit organization during his trip to Asia and Oceania, which included stops in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Obama’s work after leaving office is nurturing young and future leaders.


Obama, who was welcomed by a standing ovation by the Japanese, said the U.S.-Japanese alliance remained very strong and the U.S. will defend and fight with Japan when necessary.


He stressed that progress on a nuclear-free world will take a very long time – as long as Russia and the U.S. on reducing their own stockpiles.


Obama also reflected on his 2016 visit to Hiroshima, one of two Japanese cities where atomic bombs were dropped in the closing days of World War II. His visit was the first by an American president since the war.


Almost all American presidents are popular in Japan, which views the U.S. as its most trusted ally. But the Japanese appreciate Obama’s efforts, particularly, on denuclearization and remember his trip to Hiroshima and his message of working toward a world without nuclear weapons.


During his visit to Hiroshima, he said: “It was an extraordinarily powerful moment for me”.


Reference: North’s isolation offers little leverage for denuclearization talks, Obama tells Tokyo audience


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