Never Back Down: Abe pushes through with Okinawa

Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe has been labelled by some as being hard headed and stubborn because, despite an overwhelming and massive “no” vote to the building of a new US Air Force base in Okinawa, he still will push through with the construction.


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This has placed Abe and his government in hot water because majority of the people who actually live in Okinawa would rather the Americans leave. Or at least stay contented with the current base already there.


The reason why the Okinawans are so against this idea is because, last year in 2018, many military aircraft that belonged to USAF had many accidents. In early 2018, if you can remember, some Black Hawk helicopters had their glass panels falling into children’s playground – accidents that infuriated the local populace.


Also, if Abe wants to build a new base, why not just expand the current one? Many questions arose when Abe stubbornly said that he wants to build a new base in Okinawa. Some conspiracy theorists say that Abe was paid in advance by the US government to build it no matter what the people think.


And some locals think that relocating the base is completely out of the question too. Because it’ll put other people in danger, which is why most Okinawans want the US base to be closed down permanently.

In 1998, Futenma was scheduled to be reduced in size in 20 year’s time. That time is 2018 and contrary to what was signed, Abe is pushing for a larger base. This is considered a breach of contract among Okinawans as well as breaking of the law.


Some people are in talks with the Prime Minister as there is still time to talk about postponing construction before construction is fully underway.


Reference: Abe refuses to budge on Henoko, despite massive ‘No’ vote


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