Necessary Requirements and Steps to Acquire the Specified Skilled Worker Visa

With the chronic labor shortage in Japan as a consequence of its aging population and low birth rate, the Japanese government through its National Diet amended the stringent immigration policies of the country so as to open more and more doors of opportunities for foreign workers who are seeking for gainful employment in the Land of the Rising Sun.


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One of the most significant amendments introduced in the new immigration policy is the introduction of the Specified Skilled Worker visa which is intended to address the worst form of workforce setback especially in fourteen sectors that are identified to suffer from the worst labor problems.


These sectors include: Care Worker, Building cleaning management, Machine Parts & Tooling Industries, Industrial Machinery Industry, Electric, Electronics and Information Industries, Construction Industry, Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry , Automobile Repair and Maintenance, Aviation Industry, Accommodation Industry, Agriculture, Fishery & Aquaculture , Manufacture of Food & Beverages as well as Food Service Industry.


In order to qualify for the Specified Skilled Worker Visa, the foreign applicant or potential foreign worker has to obtain support from an Accepting organization in Japan or a Registered Supporting Organization. He or she has to be at least eighteen years of age. Moreover, it is also necessary to pass both the Japanese Proficiency Test with a Japanese language ability of N4 level or higher and the Skills Evaluation Test conducted by the relevant industry.


However, it is not necessary for the the potential applicants for the Specified Skilled Worker Visa to be a university graduate. Neither are they required to achieve a business level Japanese proficiency. It is sufficient to have at considerable knowledge and experience in the appropriate industry and to have basic Japanese language skills.


Moreover, similar to other types of visa under the New Immigration System, the very first towards achieving it is to look for a Japanese based company that is willing to provide a job for the potential foreign worker in Japan.


Reference: Specified Skills Visa


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