Must-see Tokyo Locales for Anime Enthusiasts

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Exploring the Land of the Rising Sun is probably among the bucketlist of hundreds of thousands of tourists, foodies and anime enthusiasts across the globe. Aside from the country’s beautiful sightseeing spots, rich culture and advanced technology, Japan is home to iconic animes, manga or animated comics and a lot of visually appealing video games. There is also a wide variety of Japanese food and delicacies that every traveler must try as it provides a different kind of gastronomic experience.


Akihabara which is also known as Akiba is the most sough-after shopping and tourist destination all over Japan. It is regarded by anime and manga lovers as the capital of Otaku or Geek culture with numerous shopping and electronic centers. The busy pavements of Akihabara are crowded with animated characters, cosplayers and manga figures. As such, Akiba gained a worldwide popularity with its otaku-inspired business and commercial centers.


For tourists and anime fanatics who are not into super crowded streets and highly urbanized destinations, Nakano is the place to be. It is considered as the more discreet counterpart of Akihabara in Western Tokyo since the place appears to have a more residential, retro and local vibe although it is situated nearby the most occupied and busy areas in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Toshima.


One of the famous shopping complex within Nakano is the Nakano Broadway which is consist of various multi-level stores selling anime items, video game consoles and other pop culture goodies including stores that specifically sell manga and other collectibles. These anime-inspired stores are usually located at the first and second levels of the shopping district. On the other hand, the ground level is composed of clotheslines and shoe shops as well as stores selling second hand merchandise while the basement is like a supermarket where both locals and foreign tourists may purchase grocery items.



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