More Fun and Engaging Activities for Senior Citizens in Japan

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Known to many countries, the Land of the Rising Sun is currently experiencing the effects of an aging and shrinking population as a result of its low birth rate and a vast decline in inward migration. In this regard, Japan has to deal with various consequences such as but not limited to an increasing budget allocation for senior citizens welfare and chronic labor shortage particularly in fourteen identified sectors such as nursing or care giving, agriculture, construction as well as food and service industry.


With the increase in the number of senior citizens in the country, there are also more and more elderly care facilities or home for the aged in Japan. Recently, there is a controversial facility that is called “Day Service Las Vegas” intended for senior citizens. At first blush, the name of the establishment appears to be alarming since seniors are often the target of deceits and scams.


But a closer look at the establishment’s services and functions actual reveal that it can be considered a good solution to curb some of the social issues in Japan in relation to its senior population. These “Day Services Las Vegas” establishments are even becoming more and more popular among the aging population since they provide seniors with their every day needs while allowing them to be independent in their own comfort zones.


Other elderly care facilities in Japan only offer simple activities that are designed to further enhance and develop the physical, mental, and communicative aspects of senior citizens. Some of their common activities include balloon games, reading and coloring books. However, a lot of senior citizens in Japan especially among men do not find these activities engaging.

This prompted the owner of “Day Service Las Vegas” to establish a facility that allows senior citizens to have more fun and independence. They offer a wide selection of activities such as but not limited to going outside, jogging, golfing, playing poker, mahjong and other casino games.


Reference: Better living through gambling at Japan’s ‘Day Service Las Vegas’


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