More Employment Opportunities and Wage Hikes for Job Seekers in Japan

One of the major challenges that Japan has been dealing with for the past few years is its issue on chronic labor shortage in various industries and employment sectors in the country. The decline in its workforce is brought about by Japan’s aging population as a result of continuous low birth rate. To address this problem, the Japanese government is prompted to allow more and more qualified foreign nationals to seek employment in the country.


In fact, the legislative body in Japan revised some of its stringent immigrations laws in order to enable foreign nationals to avail of long term job opportunities in their country. The Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act which took effect last April 1, 2019 has opened wider doors for foreign job seekers in Japan. In the said revised act, an additional visa category known as the “Specified Skilled Worker No. 1” was introduced allowing foreign workers in fourteen different types of jobs to remain in Japan for up to five years. These industries include nursing care, food service establishments, farming and construction, among others.


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The Japanese government also aims to support up to three hundred thousand employment opportunities over the next three years for workers or employees who have failed to secure permanent jobs in Japan since the downswing of Japan’s financial bubble in the early 90’s. Private firms and establishments as well as the local governments of Japan will work hand in hand to make this human resource development program possible.


Shinzo Abe , the Prime Minister of Japan is expected to approve the program as part of the Japanese government’s yearly economic policy blueprint. In addition, the government also considers wage hikes and salary increases in order to achieve a minimum hourly average pay of one thousand yen or nine dollars and twenty cents. These employment opportunities are available to both locals and foreign job seekers, alike.



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