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The Japan Business Federation, also known as Keidanren met with Japanese universities last Monday to discuss the implementation of an innovative system for the employment of fresh university graduates. In contrast to other countries where employees with specific skills are hired as soon as a vacancy arises, the traditional system of hiring in Japan consists of firms assessing the applications of students and selecting prospective candidates that show promise or potential after their graduation. To this end, the employment in Japan is consequently limited only to a particular period of time.


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After earnest consultations and discussions during last Monday’s meeting, the Keidanren and Japanese universities established a joint proposal to implement an all year-round employment system in place of Japan’s previous tradition of mass hiring candidates immediately after their graduation. This proposal is said to be a step in the direction of the Keidanren-proposed Society 5.0 wherein advanced technologies form part of the routinary operations of the company.


Through this year-round recruitment policy, businesses will have a better opportunity to employ the right person at the right time allowing for increased flexibility in the schedules of both the employers and the student applicants. Keidanren Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi stated that the current employment system does not fit with the times and that there is a need to develop a system for the purpose of creating various hiring practices. With the speed at which current technologies are being developed, a diverse and adaptive system is truly necessary in order to cope with the ever-changing landscape of Japan’s labor sector. This need to develop a new system of employment is indicative of the difficulties that major Japanese companies have to face with regard to the recruitment of skilled or talented individuals.


While this proposal will certainly aid the operations of businesses in Japan, universities are concerned that the allowance of recruitment activities all through the year may pose a negative impact on the students making it difficult for them to focus on their academics. In order to prevent this, a smooth orderly shift into the new recruitment system and the delivery of quality education are priority concerns that need to be considered.



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