Mitsubishi Japan to Launch a Modern Dynamic Sign to Guide Concert Goers and Travellers

The Land of the Rising Sun is known worldwide as a technological hub not only in Asia but across the globe. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts come to visit Japan not only to go sightseeing in the country’s awe inspiring tourist attractions, experience its unique culture and try out some iconic Japanese dishes but also to personally witness Japan’s technological advancements manifested in their gadgets, modes of  transportation, accommodation as well as in public establishments.


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The latest modern initiative that international tourists may enjoy is the Dynamic Sign which is to be launched by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The Dynamic sign innovation is intended for a smooth flow of passageway both for locals and foreign travellers. It is set to guide them by utilizing a projector to showcase images such as animated arrows, figures and characters on the floor. The initial testing of the new feature was done at Chofu City, Tokyo particularly at the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza.


The Dynamic Sign is basically installed to provide an animated and digital direction of movement and serves as a guide to travellers a who are looking for their way to the next stop such as but not limited to the elevator, escalator, among others. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation said that it is very visually attractive and easy to understand with its movable figures and illustration.


Furthermore, their displayed contents can be adjusted with ease. Hence, traffic lines shown through the Dynamic Sign can be altered considering the actual flow of the people and travellers on the day of a crowded event.


With the foregoing features of the Dynamic Sign, it is said that the product is best suited to be installed in arenas in which numerous events such as concerts and sports activities take place as well as in public facilities like in airports, railways and train stations in which the flow of travellers may vary depending on the particular time of the day.


Reference: Images projected on floor guide people at event sites and train stations


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