Luxury Ship as Alternative Form of Accommodation during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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In view of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, hundreds of thousands of globetrotters and sports enthusiasts from different parts of the world are expected to flock across Japan in order to witness the much anticipated multi-national sports event. One of the many considerations that the Japanese Government, in coordination with the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, have to take into account is the possibility of having a shortage of accommodation during the course of the Olympic games.


According to researchers, with the tremendous surge of international tourists, Tokyo can possibly be short by as many as fourteen thousand rooms despite the ongoing construction boom in the capital city of Japan.


The government officials of Tokyo are currently contemplating of various ways in order to address this matter. Among the possible solutions that they are planning to implement is to go offshore. They are looking at the possibility of utilizing moored giant cruise ships to operate as floating hotels or other forms of accommodation particularly somewhere in Tokyo and nearby Yokohama in order to cater to the numerous Olympic fans next year.


JTB, one of the biggest travel agency in the country have already expressed its support for this government measure. The said agency chartered the Sun Princess ship in time for the Olympic period. It has more than one thousand cabins complete with amenities for the convenience of the tourists. They also offer packages that cover room accommodation and Olympic event tickets.


Minoru Kuge, head of JTB Tokyo 2020 Project office revealed that one of the reasons why they have decided to invest in the luxury ship is because they have anticipated the demand for accommodation during the Olympic games. According to him, “we will have a shortage of hotels of a certain standard.” He further said that “Although we can’t disclose the actual numbers, we have received an excellent reaction from our customers.”


Reference: Facing Olympic hotel shortage, Tokyo looks offshore for cruise ships


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