Local and Foreign Sports Enthusiasts Commend the Hanazono Rugby Stadium

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As the rugby hype continues with the ongoing Rugby World Cup which will run for more than a month from September 20 to November 2, 2019, more and more local and international sports enthusiasts are interested in personally experiencing the excitement that goes with the games. This year is the very first time that the said multi national sports event is held in Japan.


Aside from witnessing the momentous rugby games, spectators are also looking forward to explore various tourist spots which may be found in areas or prefectures that are intended to host the Rugby World Cup. One of the prefectures in Japan that is set to host the said international sports game is Osaka prefecture particularly in Higashiosaka where the iconic Hanazono Rugby Stadium may be found.


The Hanazono Rugby Stadium was constructed in the year 1929. It is the very first sports facility in the Land of the Rising Sun which is specifically built for rugby games. Ever since 1963, the stadium has been utilized by the National High School Tournament year in and year out. It has become an avenue of momentous school matches and has become a symbol of high school rugby cups.


According to a well known sports reporter, June Ikushima “It’s significant Hanazono, which has a rich history in rugby, was chosen as one of the host cities of the World Cup. Now the world’s top teams play at the symbolic venue of Japan’s high school rugby. It will be the bridge between Japan and the world.”

Numerous local rugby fans across Japan have also expressed interest in the rugby matches that will be held at Hanazono rugby stadium. Among these enthusiasts is Hiroaki Takeuchi who is a civil servant from Hyogo Prefecture. He said that “Since Hanazono became a host stadium, I planned to come to watch at least one game or two.”


Reference: Historic Hanazono Rugby Stadium helps promote Osaka Prefecture on global stage


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