Lipton and Mike Company Launched a Combination of Milk Tea and Popcorn Snack

The Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as one of the most interesting countries when it comes to culture as well as food and beverages. A lot of food enthusiasts and globetrotters from different countries all over the world look forward to visit Japan not only to go sightseeing, experience its unique culture and tradition, be in awe of its modern technology and advanced innovations but also to try out its wide selection of delicious and iconic Japanese dishes.


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Japanese cuisines are appreciated for their unique and special qualities that are truly one of a kind. In recent years, the milk tea flavour has been gaining tremendous popularity not only in Japan but across different countries in Asia and all over the globe. In fact, a lot of milk tea shops flourished not only in Tokyo but also in different parts of Japan.


In view of the global popularity of the milk tea flavour, another one of a kind product has been introduced in the Japanese market. It is the so called milk tea flavoured pop corn which is launched by one of the most established tea company in Japan, Lipton in collaboration with Mike Popcorn which is the one of the oldest branded popcorn companies in the country.


The said popcorn production company has been known for its unique taste. It is not afraid of trying out many different flavours such as mocha flavour as well as takoyaki. These flavours are definitely suitable for food enthusiasts who are open to try out many different kinds of flavours.


This year, Milk pop corn in cooperation with Lipton tea seek to level up the flavours available for popcorn lovers. They came up with a combination of the sweet and creamy taste of milk tea and the crunch pop corn. It is definitely a perfect snack for adventurous foodies from different parts of the globe.


Reference: Milk tea flavored popcorn hits convenience stores in Lipton-Mike collaboration


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