Lipton and Akagi Dairy to Introduce the Latest Bubble Tea on a Stick

Nowadays, a lot of countries across the globe, including the Land of the Rising Sun have joined the tapioca craze which originated in Taiwan. Pearl milk teas with tapioca toppings are gaining tremendous popularity especially among youngsters and teenagers. Day in and day out, hundreds of thousands of Japanese and foreign tourists in the country come to visit tea shops that serve drinks with tapioca.


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The tapioca boom continues even after the conclusion of the summer season in Japan. This hype prompted a lot of milk tea shops to come up with their one of a kind tapioca inspired products that will make them stand out from the rest of the shops selling tapioca drinks. Thus, they were able to create the distinctive tapioca beer and bubble beer.


Lipton, one of the top tea brands in the world will soon be joining the tapioca trend through the new ice cream bar which will soon be launched by the company. Lipton, in coordination with Akagi Dairy, a milk company based in Saitama prefecture, will introduce to the public the Lipton Tea Ice Tapioca Milk Tea Flavor.


The joint product between Lipton and Akagi Dairy will be the newest frozen delight in Japan. Both companies are expert in their own fields. Lipton is known as a top tea brand while Akagi Dairy produced one of the most popular ice confections in the country known as Gari Gari kun.


With their expertise combined, they will come up with an exceptional frozen treat. The Lipton Tea Ice Tapioca Milk Tea Flavor is a bubble tea on a stick that will be utilizing Lipton brand tea leaves to create a relaxing aroma and flavor. The product will be composed of two layers. One is a hard external casing while the other is a softer filling akin to soft ice cream. Both the hard and soft parts will both be combined with milk tea flavors.


Reference: Lipton releases new bubble tea ice cream bar with tapioca pearls


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