KitKat collaborates with Sendai’s Zunda Shake to Launch a New Soybean Milkshake Flavor Choco Bar

The Land of the Rising Sun is known across the globe for its yummy and one of a kind KitKat snack flavors. Some of these KitKat varieties are made available only on a particular season while others are influenced by traditional specialties and delicacies of some regions and prefectures in Japan.


These traditional KitKats are frequently sold in the specific region or prefecture themselves. Thus, buying a regional KitKat when visiting a particular area in Japan has become a common thing to do for both local and foreign tourists. Kitkat sweet treats are popular souvenir items to bring home . They become a reflection of some traditional tastes which the prefecture is known for.


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KitKat combines the distinctive local delicacy with their classic chocolate bars. For instance, KitKat mixes their classic bar with green tea in Kyoto while they add melon for their Hokkaido snack products. These regional crossovers are gaining popularity not only in Japan but also on a global scale.


The most recent KitKat regional product is developed in Sendai which is known for their traditional product, Zunda or soybeans boiled and crushed into a paste added which is added with sugar. Sendai’s beany treat, Zunda is said to have a lot of health benefits.


With its yummy and sweet taste along with healthy ingredients, a lot of health conscious people have shown interest in Sendai’s Zunda which can also be found in some desserts such as parfaits, mochi and milkshake. The iconic Zunda shake was introduced by Zunda Saryo which offers various types of soybean paste sweets.


Recently, Zunda Saryo in collaboration with Nestle aspires to merge the uniquely delicious taste of the Zunda Shake to the popular KitKat bar. They aims to release to the public a chocolate bean shake crossover by mixing soybean powder to the cream in between Kitkat’s wafer. Finally, they will cover the product with Zunda shake flavored chocolate filling.


Reference: KitKat Japan to debut soybean milkshake flavor chocolate as Sendai specialty


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