Kim Jong Un takes train to Vietnam…. In 70 hours

Kim Jong-Un was reportedly taking the train to get to Hanoi, Vietnam for the 2nd US-NoKor summit and the train took 70 hours to get there. It’s no surprise because the Korean dictator used a train to travel 1,714 miles or 2,758.42 kilometers.


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That distance is longer than the vertical distance of Texas, USA to North Dakota, USA which only measures 1,582 miles. Now imagine traveling that distance by train and you’ll see why it took so long.


It’ll take nearly three days to travel that distance by train and if the train isn’t a shinkansen or a bullet train or TGV like most parts of the world that heavily rely on trains, then Kim is gonna have to slug it out on a slow mover (our agency pictures show an antiquated train, thus the journey would take three days).


This is not just a publicity stunt. It’s also a good will visit for NoKor to it’s neighbors in Vietnam to see what’s what. It’s also showing the world that North Korea is playing catch up with the world by producing trains that are capable of running for three days nonstop.


It makes one question if North Korea is really good at making bad products or if it’s just a special train because their leader is onboard? One thing is certain about the train, though: it will be a new addition to their propaganda campaign and to show the tourists how great their products are.

Another reason why the train took three days was because of weight. The leader of an entire nation is there and he’s made quite a few enemies during his reign and so an ambush may be eminent along the way.


So to counter this, every single cabin and glass panel on the train has been made bulletproof or at least bullet resistant.


Reference: N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un arrives in Hanoi for U.S. summit after 70-hour trip


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