KFC Japan Launches the All New Eat and Drink All You Can Branch in Tokyo

Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of food and travel enthusiasts come to visit Land of the Rising Sun not only to enjoy its awe inspiring tourist spots, experience its unique culture and be in awe of the technological advancements in the country but also to try out a wide selection of delicious and iconic Japanese dishes.


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One of the most impressive aspects about Japanese tradition and practices that definitely stimulates the interest of foreign tourists who come to visit the country is the people’s motivation to try something new. This holds true especially in their restaurants, food cafes and even in fast food shops. It cannot be denied that Japan is already regarded as one of the top foodie destinations in the world and yet they continue to strive for excellence and innovations when it comes to the food and service industry.


For instance, the Kentucky Fried Chicken, known as KFC for brevity has been known to sell their well loved fried chicken to customers along with their rice meals and soft drinks. But this year, KFC launched a new fast food restaurants located in the Machida area of Tokyo. What makes this KFC branch stand out from the rest of the stores worldwide is that it offers a new buffet style eat and drink all you can menu options.


This themed restaurant which recently opened last November 13, 2019 is specifically located at Minami Machida Grandberry Park. The Machida based KFC restaurant’s menu features fifty different food items such as but not limited to the original Kentucky Fried chicken, biscuits, pasta, fries, curry, soup, salad, and various desserts. It also includes drink all you can packages for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.


Aside from the eat all you can option, this KFC restaurant in Machida also showcases some of the most selected and exclusive recipe of the food chain which includes the “Special Fried Chicken Soup Curry”, rotisserie chicken, and a pan-baked potato casserole among others.


Reference: KFC opens all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet restaurant in Tokyo


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