Kanazawa seeks to become the eSports mecca of Japan

Kanazawa, a regional city in Ishikawa Prefecture strategically located by the Sea of Japan, is poised to become the nexus of the Electronic Sports (eSports) community by encouraging the presence and establishment of industry-related businesses as well as supporting the youth interested in the eSports community.


The local government of Kanazawa intends for this project to address its diminishing youth who are leaving the city in search for greener pastures and better opportunities in Tokyo and other places in Japan or abroad.


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Local officials of Kanazawa have named this project as the “Esports culture’s mecca Kanazawa” where the city will become the ground zero for hosting events for the eSports community captivating participants and spectators from across the country. The project likewise includes introducing students from local schools to possible internship programs in eSports-related companies and businesses in the city. A local official from the Kanazawa city says that “We’d like to create an environment where young people can join new businesses through esports.”


This plan materialized after local government officials of Kanazawa, Japan and Busan, South Korea met together in May of last year and discussed about the passion and devotion of the youth for the eSports industry. The project quickly became one of the city’s top priorities with the city government appropriating 4.5 million yen for the fiscal year 2019. In addition, the local government established an expert panel which included as its members game creators in order to install definite plans that encourage and aid the proliferation of the eSports community.


As part of the expert panel’s design and with the city’s abundance in technology-focused colleges and information technology companies, the government of Kanazawa aims to promote the eSports scene with the cooperation of local universities, businesses, and residents in the city.


With this program, the government of Kanazawa hopes to quell the decline in the youth community by encouraging them to live and stay in the city.


Reference: Kanazawa aiming to become esports mecca to attract young people


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