Joker Attacks Tokyo Train on Halloween

Photo by: Reuters

Dressed in a Joker costume, a 24 year old Japanese named Kyota Hattori carried out an attack inside a Keio Line train in Tokyo. According to police reports, Hattori confessed that he wanted to kill many people. He explained that he wants to be sentenced to death for the crime he has committed.

Kyota Hattori Photo by: South China Morning Post

Hattori further revealed to investigators that he left his job in Fukuoka a month ago and moved to Tokyo since he had some issues with work and friends. 

With his disturbed mental state, he planned out an attack in Shibuya District where he thought it would be overly crowded due to Halloween parties. He left his hotel on Saturday afternoon and proceeded to Shibuya district on a train. He then sparked a fire in the train’s carriage forcing people to flee the train. Some even went out of the train’s windows due to panic.

Unfortunately, an old man in his 70s was stabbed by the assailant and is now in critical condition. At least 17 passengers were injured during the attack.

This case is still a developing story since investigators are still checking Hattori’s mental health condition.


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