Japan’s World Junior’s Figure Skating Championship Success!

Alexandra Trusova’s superb performance in scoring two quadruple jumps, a salchow and a toe loop, on the way to victory at the world junior championships in Sofia on Saturday caught everyone by surprise and was the fact that Mako Yamashita picked up another medal for her increasing collection.


Trusova’s masterful performance of a quad salchow and a quad toe loop was sublime. The 13-year- old from Russia equally matched Miki Ando with the first jump but ultimately bested her with the toe loop to become the first woman in history to land two quads in one program.


photo credit to: https://www.isu.org


Japan will send a strong challenging team to this week’s Coupe de Printemps in Luxembourg. The ladies team will comprise of Sakamoto, Yuna Shiraiwa and Mai Mihara while Hiroaki Sato, Kazuki Tomono and Sota Yamamoto will make up the men’s list.


Sakamoto, fresh off her sixth-place showing in the Championships in Pyeongchang, is looking forward to ending the season with a bang. While many eyes will with the very talented Yamamoto, who continues his comeback from a serious ankle injury two seasons ago, Sakamoto hopes for the best.


Japan is not just sending any random junior women to the event. Japan is sure to give it’s best and only the best candidates for the championship to represent them. However, even with mediocre and satisfactory performance, Kazuki Hasegawa and Tatsuyua Tsuboi are entered in the junior men’s competition.


Mao, a three-time world champion and the 2010 Olympic silver medalist, talks about hertrademark triple axel, participating in two Olympics, bringing her competitive skatingdays to an end, and other subjects in the book.


She is one of the most famous skaters to have ever put on boots and performed. She retired last April following a glorious career that included many historic achievements.


The native of Nagoya discusses how positive thinking, diligence and perseverance helped her during her years as a competitor.


Reference: Mako Yamashita’s bronze at world juniors impressive


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