Japan’s Tourism, Real Estate Hires More Asian Workers

Japan’s hotel operators and real estate firms are aggressively hiring foreign workers to capture overseas investors and buyers. The in-bound tourism and investment from wealthy foreign buyers have been booming and increasing.


TKP Corp., a Tokyo-based meeting room rental company, has been recruiting several Chinese and Taiwanese nationals every year offering the same compensation as that of their Japanese counterparts. Their foreign workers in turn invite their hometown connections, some coming from wealthy families, to explore Japan and its investment opportunities. This has led to large group tour bookings in their facilities, according to TKP.


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Syla Co., a Tokyo-based real estate company selling condominiums, is expecting an increase of sales from other Asian customers with the help of their Taiwanese, Chinese and South Korean employees who will embark on the marketing operations. Syla President Yoshiyuki Yuto said that since foreign clients have different preference compared to their Japanese clients, reaching out to the former with the aid of their foreign workers will be a competitive advantage.


Staffing agency Neo Career Co. has been sponsoring job seminars and overseas interviews in behalf of Japanese companies. They have launch the manpower business for Asian manpower since October 2016. As of April this year, the Tokyo-based agency has introduced 500 Asian employees to about 50 Japanese companies such as retail chains and travel-related companies. Once the employment has been approved, Neo Career assist the newly hired ones in the visa procedures. They plan to expand the reach further by including Vietnamese and Indian engineer to enter Japanese venture firms and mid-size companies needing much manpower.


Reference: Japan’s tourism, real estate sectors actively seeking foreign workers


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