Japan’s Mister Donut to Launch Pokemon Insipred Sweet Treats

The Land of the Rising Sun is home to some of the world’s most iconic animations. Every year, the country attracts hundreds of thousands of travel enthusiasts and anime fanatics from different parts of the globe. Majority of these anime lovers are into comics or manga, cute animated characters, food shops and accommodation with anime inspired themes.


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One of the most popular animations in Japan is the Pokemon or Pocket Monster which gained tremendous popularity not only in the country but also on a universal scale. In this regard, quite a number of Japanese food establishments, café and restaurants aim to take advantage of the Pokemon hype in order to promote their food items and delectable.


For instance, Japan’s famous doughnut chain, Mister Donut, introduced last November of 2018, two adorable sweet treats especially made for Pokemon fans. The first one was a banana chocolate flavoured doughnut with the design of Pikachu’s face and the second one was a yummy strawberry chocolate flavoured treat featuring a Pokeball shape and theme. This Pokeball inspired doughnut has been established as one of Mister Donut’s classic Pon de Ring shapes since it was introduced.


This year, Mister Donut is set to launch a brand new food item It is basically a French cruller which has been shaped to appear like Pikachu’s back. The doughnut chain made us of Pikachu’s easily cognizable color combination as well as his iconic lightning bolt tail that is made to stick out in order to ensure that customers and anime enthusiasts would surely know the inspiration behind the creation of this new product.


Mister Donut has not yet come up with a unique name for this new doughnut. As such, they established an online competition to allow netizens to decide the perfect name to give this sweet treat.


Reference: Mister Donut’s Pikachu doughnuts coming back with new items


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