Japanese Store Botanist Allows Patrons to Customize their Hot Chocolates for Christmas

As winter season is fast approaching in the Land of the Rising Sun, a lot of local Japanese and foreigns tourist in the country are looking for ways to warm up amidst the cold weather. One of the most popular and well loved activity is drinking hot chocolate. In this regard, the Japanese Store Botanist strives to develop an artistic and stylish way of presenting hot chocolates that are picture perfect for the festive celebrations.


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The Japanese Store Botanist originally manufactures hair and body care products. But recently, they have also expanded their business into cafes and food shops with their posh and setting in the popular streets of Harajuku. Their cafe is gaining popularity especially among young Japanese who are into visually appealing drinks and sweet treats that are also said to have some healthy ingredients with various positive benefits such as its beautifying and detoxifying effects.


This holiday season, the Japanese Store Botanist will be releasing Christmas tree inspired hot chocolate drinks which are not only yummy but also appeals aesthetically to their customers. Its whipped topping will be shaped like a Christmas tree. Meanwhile, customers will be given the opportunity to decorate their drinks in the same manner that they design their own tree in their family homes.


Their customers must first choose a specific flavor of the hot chocolate which will be the basis of the tree’s color. For instance, matcha provides a classic green tree cream while cacao flavor gives a snowy white base made of whipped cream.


To decorate the Christmas tree inspired hot chocolate, customers may sprinkle different types of toppings onto the tree such as but not limited to edible silver balls, rose petals, feuillantine or a crispy French delicacy and chopped nuts.


What makes the Japanese Store Botanist stand out from other hot chocolate shops is that they allow their customers to customize their drinks in order to come up with a festive drink that suits their taste and preference.


Reference: Botanist Tokyo presents Instagrammable matcha hot chocolate Christmas trees


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