Japanese Rice Wine Finds a Growing Market in China

The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the top foodie destinations not only in Asia but also all over the globe. Japan is known as home to some of the world’s most iconic cuisines which are well loved both for their delicious taste and healthy ingredients.


Among the most popular Japanese dishes are sushi, sashimi, tempura, maki and ramen, among others. On top of these flavourful food selections, Japan also has a unique beverage known as the “sake” or the rice wine.


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The Japanese sake or rice wine has a long history in the country as it was previously engrained in the tradition and customs of the past. However, in recent years, the demand for rice wine in the country is slowly declining.


This situation has prompted a number of Japanese rice wine distributors and sellers to expand their business in China in view of the growing demand for sake among the Chinese communities. At present, there is an increase in the number of Japanese restaurants established in China. These restaurants serve rice wine or sake. The Japanese sake are also sold in department stores and malls in major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.


In fact, during the second International Import Expo in China which will be held in Shanghai this November, more than one hundred and ten Japanese food establishments and restaurant owners have registered in order to promote and market both Japanese food and agricultural produce in China. This includes the sake or rice wine.


On the very first day that the International Import Expo opened its doors to customers, a lot of potential Chinese clients dropped by the Japanese food stalls to try out samples of sake or rice wine in a glass or a mouthful of Japanese sticky rice. Japanese rice and sake dealers are happy and overwhelmed by the positive response of Chinese consumers regarding their product.


Reference: Japanese sake pours into China as domestic consumption shrinks


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