Japanese Restaurants Seek to Develop Social Awareness

The Land of the Rising Sun is known as one of the best foodie destinations across the globe. It is definitely among the bucket list of hundreds of thousands of food enthusiasts from different countries worldwide. Japan provides a one of a kind gastronomic experience and serves a wide selection of uniquely delicious and healthy food.


With this trend, the food and service industry has always been a booming business in the country. However, the proliferation of numerous restaurants and a variety of food shops in Japan lead to a stiff competition in restaurant businesses.


Photo credit to: https://www.japantimes.co.jp

In order to win the hearts of restaurant goers and foodies, more and more food shops in Japan aim to stand out from the rest by offering a unique theme or taking a more socially aware approach that appeals to restaurant goers.


For instance, the Mirai Shokudo restaurant in Jinbochu district, Tokyo has adapted ideas from traditional Japanese dining halls to entice big groups of customers. The owner of the food shop, Sekai Kobayashi seeks to create an ambience of a casual family-run eatery that serves customers with affordable dishes. According to Kobayashi, she aspires to develop a restaurant in which “everybody is accepted and everybody belongs.”


Sekai Kobayashi further added that “The most difficult issue for creating a space where everybody belongs was how to include people who may not have enough money.” To address this matter, Kobayashi established a work for a meal system in her business.


Based on this system, people who have previously eaten at her restaurant are allowed to avail of free meals without monetary payment provided that they help Kobayashi with errands for fifty minutes. Mirai Shokudo usually posts in their Google calendar the available positions that interested restaurant goers may perform in exchange of meals. These services include cleaning and food preparation.


Reference: Restaurants in Japan serving up fresh concepts with socially aware approach


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