Japanese magazine firm cautions against LGBTQI discrimination

Shinchosha Publishing Co. and one of its magazines will be removed for showing articles that its president said contained outrageous prejudice against the LGBTcommunity.


This vetting process led to the publication of the articles slammed by President as full of prejudice against LGBT individuals.


The latest decision means that one of it’s writers and even the publication itself is technically suspended from business and will founder. The publications’s PR executive confirmed this.


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The author of the book “Naze Watashi wa Sayoku to Tatakaunoka” or “Why I Fight the Left” if translated to English, showed a contentious article to the August issue of the magazine which labeled the LGBT community as unproductive, childbirth-wise.


The author’s assertion that taxpayer money shouldn’t be spent on policies supporting same-sex couples because they were not productive sparked an outpouring of criticism and prompted thousands to protest and call for her resignation.


Then in its latest issue, the publishing company went even deeper into a black hole by running a large, 40 page series that comprised of seven different articles all of which defended Sugita’s remark with a title that read “What’s so Wrong About the Mio Sugita Article?”


In it, someone (name withheld) asserted that LGBT is ultimately a sexual preference and an absurd concept on par with SMAG; an acronym that means Sadist, Masochist, Ass fetish and Groper.


If society has to protect LGBT people and their rights, he argued, that society should also be protecting the rights of gropers who can’t resist the urge to grope once they’ve smelled the perfume on a woman on a crowed train?


He explained on Facebook on Monday that the coining of the acronym SMAG was merely a hypothetical example of how society’s recognition of the rights of a minority could be as good as being insane and that he himself is not defending molesters on trains.


Some have supported him and some have disdained him.


Reference: ‘Outrageous prejudice’: Publisher suspends publication of Shincho 45 following furor in LGBT community


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