Japanese Immigration Establishes Point System to Evaluate Foreign Professionals

In view of the aging population in Japan as a result of its low birth rate and a decline in inward migration, it does not come as a surprise that the country is now looking for ways and measures to attract more and more foreign skilled workers in the country especially foreign professionals in order to address the workforce setback that they are currently experiencing in various Japanese industries and sectors.


According to a report issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication last June of 2019, the government has laid down its plan to open more and more doors of gainful employment opportunities for highly skilled professionals in Japan such as but not limited to scientists, lawyers, engineers and business executives.


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The government through its National Diet has revised the immigration policies of Japan that used to provide stringent visa requirements for foreigners who aspire to work and reside in the Land of the Rising Sun. One of the changes major changes introduced in the amendment immigration law is the provision that extends more benefits and preferential treatment for qualified foreign applicants under the Highly Skilled Professional Visa.


In order to attract numerous foreign workers with outstanding skills, experience and abilities, the Japanese government established a points system to evaluate potential foreign professional applicants by taking into account their academic and professional background and annual salary. Successful applicants who reach a total of seventy points can be regarded as falling under the category of Highly Skilled Professional thereby allowing them to avail of some perks and special privileges provided by the Japanese immigration.


With the implementation of the point system, the Japanese government is looking forward to welcome foreign professionals who are outstanding in their own fields with the goal of promoting novel innovative ideas and improving efficiency and productivity in all aspects of the country’s economy.


Reference: Over 15,000 highly skilled foreign professionals in Japan: two-thirds of them Chinese


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