Japanese Government Seeks to Attract More Skilled Workers In Fourteen Identified Sectors

In view of Japan’s shrinking and aging population as a result of the country’s low birth rate and a decline in inward migration, various sectors and industries in the Land of the Rising Sun are currently suffering from chronic labor shortage. Among these establishments, fourteen specific sectors are said to suffer the worst form of workforce setback as determined by the Japanese government.


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Considering the current labor situation in Japan, the National Legislature or the Diet has revised its previous immigration rules that used to provide strict requirements for those who aspire to work in their country. The amendments introduced last April 2019 provide for more leeway and less stringent qualifications for foreigners who aim to land a job in Japanese companies and commercial establishments.


The new immigration policy seeks to open more and more doors of employment opportunities for foreign nationals in Japan in order to address the pressing concerns on labor shortage in the country. Since the amendment of the immigration law, the Immigration Services Agency has reported that almost two hundred and twenty non Japanese people or foreign nationals are presently residing in Japan under specified skilled worker status by the end of September 2019.


For the next five years, the Japanese government aims to attract more than three hundred thousand workers particularly in the fourteen identified sectors with the worst labor problems including the food and service industry, nursing, construction as well as agriculture.


But, before doing so, it is vital to clarify the necessary steps that the foreigner must undertake to avail of the benefits of the new immigration law. In order to acquire the new skilled status, it is essential for the foreign national to pass both skills and Japanese languages test or have completed three years of technical training in the Land of the Rising Sun.


Reference: 219 Foreigners Residing in Japan as Specified Skilled Workers


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